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Management Best Practice

OBASHI complements all of the major best practice areas, providing a simple and easy to use delivery platform, as well as a common language, that all practitioners can easily understand.

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Business Design

Knowing “where to start” is fundamental to any business change initiative, whether its Mergers and Acquisitions, downsizing or technology enabled business transition. OBASHI generates more confident decision making as it gives you the “big picture.”

2 Dec 16, 2015
OBASHI examples
by Paweł Drążyk

Business Monitoring

Increased governance and doing more with less are here to stay. OBASHI gives you the ability to identify, value and monitor how data flows around your business locally and globally, which allows you to manage your business more effectively.

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Business Optimisation

Efficiency and effectiveness don’t always go hand in hand, in real life, because upstream/downstream impacts are not always obvious. OBASHI removes that ambiguity and means you can streamline confidently with a much deeper understanding of fail points and therefore allows you to mitigate risks, more effectively.

1 Jun 30, 2011


OBASHI has been designed to make sense of technology from a business perspective. It will help you understand the usefulness of your existing technology, in relation to the people and business processes that it interacts with; more importantly OBASHI will show you the technologies that are valuable and those that you can do without.

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Strategic Challenges

Every strategy starts with the “where are we now?” OBASHI can help deliver that dynamic map of your business, which not only provides a clear situation analysis but also acts as a blueprint to plan future growth.

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Operational Challenges

In today’s businesses every department is connected to every other, whether they are aware of it or not. Understanding the key data flows in your business and being able to share the impacts decisions have across the business is simply common sense, if you want it to run better.

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Big Picture thinking

It might be a cliché to some and an aspiration for others but with OBASHI it’s a reality; a dynamic map that helps you understand how your business actually works.

4 Jun 11, 2014
OBASHI COOKBOOK - what do you map most?
by Andrei Hawke

Data Flows

One day, along with mobile phones and email, you’ll look back and wonder how you ever managed to run a business without understanding how data flows around it.

1 Aug 28, 2015
SAN Storage and SAN Switch
by nelsmy

Current Business trends / challenges

Not everything need be complicated. OBASHI helps you simplify the complexity of modern business.

2 Feb 19, 2015
Reply by Paul Wallis

Enterprise Architecture

No matter which way you look at it Enterprise Architecture isn’t simple. What OBASHI offers Enterprise Architects is a more flexible option which is easy to use and straight forward to target, at particular areas of the business, to ensure speedier payback.

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