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At OBASHI we believe that the role of IT is to manage the flow of data between business assets because if you can do that well you should be able to manage your business better. We’ve written a couple of posts recently which touch on that.

In “ITSM Vision – OBASHI Reality” we agreed with Ashwani Aggarwal of Infosys, who said that to implement ITSM successfully  “effort should be invested to understand different business elements,” and “ analyze the relationship these elements carry with each other.”

Our other post concerned the recent publication of an MIT/McKinsey report detailing what made a business good at IT. For us – being good at IT as an end in itself isn’t enough. The real difference will come when IT is recognised as a business driver.

What do you think?

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So, nirvanah is recognition of IT as a business driver? Mmm, when posed by those involved in IT, it sounds very like some dreams I've heard a number of times from different departments just by changing the name to blame the innocent...
*Business Development wanting to be a recognised business driver;
*HR wanting to be a business driver;
*Facilities Management (keeping our offices as a nice place to be) wanting to be a business driver;
*and even The Main Board wanting to be a recognised business driver themselves.

However, I do agree that being good at IT as an end in itself isn't good enough. I have to say that, because I'm not in IT - I'm a user rather than a pusher.

You see, I like holidays, and it amazes me when I read Joe Public's Trip Advisor comments that slate a hotel because of their first 2 minutes at arrival, and they forget the next 2 weeks laid by the pool in the sunshine. The receptionist was ugly, the cold towel was luke warm, the bell boy walked with a limp - who cares, apart from the fact that the hotel is now condemned as rubbish to anyone who will listen.

When applied to IT in a Business, a user wants to arrive at their desk, work all day without down time, find what he/she needs easily, produce meaningful Management Information by the appointed time, and for IT to remain forever invisible. Forget being a business driver - invisible is good.

The flip side is to say that a good hotel reception can give the hotel a wow factor - true, for 10 minutes, but we quickly move on to find fault with something else. Same with IT - so long as it produces what it says on the tin, we will nod & acknowledge the value of our IT Department & their servers... then head off to the coffee machine which is also trying hard to be a business driver ;)


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