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May 2011 Blog Posts (9)

Is cloud computing ‘as safe as flying’?

Dennis Howlett blogged the other day about “Cloud computing advantages”, promoting the view that cloud is ‘as safe as flying.’


He uses a letter to The Economist written by Prof. Milo Martin to support the point.


Prof Martin compares cloud computing to commercial aviation, and compares car travel to internal IT systems.  He argues that,…


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Are there really black swans in the cloud?

Gallopin’ Gertie was the nickname given to the Tacoma Narrows suspension bridge in 1940. 


It was so-called because shortly after being opened the bridge developed the unnerving habit of violently undulating during certain wind conditions.  After 4 months the bridge shook itself to destruction.


Today we know the collapse was caused by Aeroelastic…


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All for OBASHI and OBASHI for all

Elevator pitches are frequently thought to be an art form driven by a flash of creative inspiration that gave you your very own “Jaws in Space” moment, the like of which launched the “Alien” franchise.


Harvard Business School think they are a lot more scientific, which is why they developed their Elevator Pitch Builder. Maybe if…


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Data Quality and Insurance

Following on from my previous blog, Insuring flows of data in the cloud, it occurred to me that as businesses and supply chains become more inter-connected, insurers will soon demand more clarity about data quality issues.

Not only will they want to more accurately calculate the risk of dataflow stopping altogether, they will also want better understanding that the right…


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Insuring flows of data in the cloud

Data flow disasters are now being mentioned in TV news headlines.


That is not a good sign.


Amazon and Sony have both suffered headline-grabbing IT outages recently that impacted many customers.  The interruptions in data flow they suffered will likely cost them significant amounts in compensation.


Re Amazon, although only a small number completely lost their data, I shudder to think how many years of hard work in small businesses may have been…


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ITSM vision – OBASHI Reality

Ashwani Aggarwal of Infosys wrote an interesting piece the other day about implementing ITSM successfully.


A part of his blog really jumped off the page at me [his emphasis]:

“I strongly feel any organization that aspires to improve on IS capabilities shouldn't focus only on technology change or process change alone…


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Are MIT and McKinsey asking the right question about IT?

Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson of MIT have collaborated with McKinsey to produce a report on “the broad question of what makes a company ‘good at IT?’”


The research combined data from three sources: a survey of IT management practices at publicly-traded U.S. companies; annual reports from these companies; and a "composite measure of how much IT each company had."




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Dodd-Frank, data flows and compliance

Mark Brunelli reports that some financial institutions may be heading for a ’data management mess’ unless they soon get ready to implement the provisions of the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.


The main objective of the Act is to avert a repeat of the 2008 financial crisis by making financial…


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When data doesn’t flow...we have a problem

Most of us, as businesses and as individuals, rely to a great extent on flows of data.


So when we are unable to access and use our data we have a problem.


Amazon and Sony are two huge companies with massive resources, yet but both have just suffered major data flow issues that impacted people and businesses around the planet.


For over a week 77 million Playstation Network users have been unable to zap the bad guys, play music or watch videos…


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