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June 2011 Blog Posts (7)

OBASHI and Lean

How do we get the “real picture” of how our business works, how data flows and where there is waste in our flow?

Lean Enterprise would have us conduct GEMBA, walk the system and see what the true picture is. Lean also concentrates on eliminating MUDA (waste) from our processes. Well is this not what we are trying to achieve through constructing B&ITs and, latterly, DAVs? These basic synergies made me think. What can OBASHI learn from Lean Enterprise? (and vice… Continue

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The Four Servers of the Apocalypse

Generally speaking, most human beings aren’t very good at understanding risk.


The odds of being killed by a shark are roughly 1 in 3,750,000


The odds of being killed in a car crash are 1 in 84 (USA figures, source)


It’s hardly an original point, but which of those are most beach holidaymakers most concerned about?


In business, the…


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Data flow disasters can sting

Doyle Lonnegan, a ruthless New York gangster turned banker, is one of my favourite movie characters.


In ‘The Sting’, which is set in the 1930s, Lonnegan, (the brilliant Robert Shaw), is the victim of a sophisticated confidence trick which costs him the $500,000 he bet on a horse.


A con-artist convinces him he can delay the official results of races getting to…


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How OBASHI helps the CIO communicate clearly with the business

In a recent blog Larry Bonfonte encourages CIOs to “market the value of IT” to business colleagues. 


You may be tempted to roll your eyes after reading that phrase, but as he neatly points out, we likely all have done a bit of ‘marketing’ in our social lives at one time or another – so its hardly an alien…


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Some on-premise data flow disasters

In our last few blogs we’ve focussed on cybersecurity and ‘cloud’ computing.  And described why, in both spheres, understanding how data flows through the business is important, so as to make operations as secure and reliable as possible, and to minimise risk.


Wherever data flow is involved the same principles outlined in those posts apply.


On-premise IT continues to suffer plenty of problems.  Here, in no particular order, are some of its recent ‘data flow…


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Data Refineries: a new perspective on cybersecurity

In yesterday’s post, “How is cybersecurity linked to economic security?”, I wrote that, to some degree, most organisations today can be considered as “data refineries.”


A couple of people have asked me to expand on that point.


Since the industrial revolution architects, engineers and scientists have spent decades creating standards and practices so that flows of water, steam,…


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How is cybersecurity linked to economic security?

The answer to that question, posed in Computer Weekly, is quite straightforward – the link is flows of data.


Throughout history, understanding, optimising and securing flows has been vital for economic success.


Rome controlled its empire by using a network of roads 400,000km long to trade, to move armies and to…


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