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July 2011 Blog Posts (4)

It’s time to shine a light on banks’ data problems

Here at OBASHI we believe that there is a pressing need for finance to “understand precisely how its product [money/data] flows and interacts with people, process and technology”.


This belief was further reinforced recently by the BBC’s ‘Business as Usual’, a radio documentary about continuing complexity in the financial sector.


The programme demonstrated that,…


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Data Quality and Formula 1

Formula 1 racing is one of my favourite sports.


From a technical standpoint, what is really interesting about F1 is how data intensive the industry has become during the last 10 or so years.


Today, the driver, engineers and car never stop communicating with one another.  Everything the driver does with the car on the track, in testing or during a race, is monitored and recorded using telemetry: a data transfer system that allows remote measurement and…


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Mobile Devices, Data Flows and Liability

Manhandling a refrigerator on a Saturday afternoon isn’t one of my favourite pastimes.


Last weekend my parents’ fridge stopped working, so there I was, checking out the pipe work and other tecchie bits.


But after consulting the owner manual and then the web, I realised that almost any repair task associated with refrigeration is a job for a specialist.


There are a raft of…


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"I cannot tell if we are a bank or an IT firm"

A few months ago I read "How Guilty are CIOs (and IT) In The Global Financial Crisis?", where Jim Anderson wrote (his emphasis),

"Ultimately this all comes down to a problem that financial industry CIOs have not been able to solve: how to exchange financial data. It seems strange that an industry that has been built on…


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