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 “The CFO's Role in Technology Investment”, is a survey of 344 CFOs “qualified in providing a perspective on technology deployment within the enterprise”. Some of the findings were that,


  • only 18% of CFOs said they thought "our IT service levels meet or exceed business expectation”
  • only 25% of CFOs see the CIO as a key player in determining the business…

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OBASHI likes

This is the second in an occasional series of “OBASHI likes” posts, where we highlight the thoughts of others who have recently made us think about aspects of business and IT from an interesting perspective.


We may agree with all, some, or occasionally none of what each writer says, but whichever is the case, we think their ideas are worth thinking about. 


In alphabetical order:



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Understanding connections

When you are growing up, some television programmes bury themselves deep into your brain and just stay there.


For me, one such was the BBC series “Connections”, by the science historian, James Burke.


First broadcast in 1978, the documentary explored the ways our modern technological world came into existence.


As a kid, I would watch fascinated, as Burke would weave a thread through historical eras, making “connections” between seemingly…


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Be afraid – business as usual in Finance IT

In July, Information Age ran a roundtable debate with IT leaders to discuss various bank industry issues.  Here are comments made by some of the delegates:

“We still don’t understand what the exposure of the banks is to each other.”


“Some retail banks are running on 40-year-old…


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Flows, Romans, Project managers…

Where is Sextus Julius Frontinus when you need him?


Frontinus was a Roman aristocrat of the late 1st century AD, and an expert in the engineering of water flows.


Such was his expertise, the Emperor Nerva appointed him as Water Commissioner of the Aqueducts at Rome, an office only conferred upon persons of very high standing. 


In that capacity, he…


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