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November 2011 Blog Posts (4)

OBASHI – more than just software

Chateau Margaux 1983 is one of the many things I love about France.


My wife lived in France for a while so I’ve picked up her appreciation of the culture, food and language.


The French have a great way with language; they seem to find a way to say in a word that which takes a sentence in English. “Impasse” is one. I hate that word. I get a constant feeling of déjà vu (see what I mean) every time I hear it. It reminds me of a million meetings I was involved in…


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Finance: who's driving the bus?

During the last 15 months, here at OBASHI Think we have written a few blogs about IT in today’s data flow reliant finance industry.  For example,


Data flow disasters can sting

If a data flow is interrupted or compromised, it can cause chaos in the financial markets.



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Data flows in our daily lives

Last month, in ‘Under pressure: IT and the steam boiler’, I concluded that,

Just as it took the boiler industry many years to evolve to the point where it had clarity on flows, and could makes the best decisions about risk, IT and telecoms are set to go through the same pain.


More data flow disasters are inevitable – which means, because we as individuals are ever more reliant on flows of data…


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OBASHI and the process view

One of the frustrations for any CIO or IT Manager in a new job, is trying to understand the IT systems and applications installed by their predecessors.


The analysis of the layers of systems deployed over time within a business can be thought of as an “archaeological dig”, through different technologies and integration techniques.


Over time, what typically happens in an organisation, is that managers in different departments use their budgets to put in place…


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