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December 2010 Blog Posts (3)

Diamonds and business clarity

The other day, without being too obvious, I was trying to discover what my wife wanted for Christmas.


I didn't have much success.  Whenever I introduced clothing or perfume or book titles into our conversation she got distracted.

"Do you think 'Diamonds are Forever' will be on TV again during the holidays?",…


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Wikileaks and flows of data

The flow of traffic along Scotland's busiest motorway, the M8, ground to halt this week as exceptionally harsh winter conditions caught many drivers, and some transport authorities, unprepared. Peoples day-to-day lives have been severely disrupted and businesses have lost trade and money.

Yesterday I was stuck in a minor traffic jam which formed when cars were diverted from the M8 to nearby minor roads. As we…


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Making it as easy as possible to model your business

The flow of water into my house was interrupted the other day. One of the water pipes decided it had had enough of what is the coldest start to the UK winter in decades. Luckily, the burst happened outside rather than inside the house, so there wasn't too much damage.

But it meant an unscheduled trip to a nearby supermarket, which I hadn't used before. After filling my basket with a few bits and pieces, I approached one of the self-checkout machines and began scanning…


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