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Good governance starts with data flow

Last week I read a great article by Cynthia Rettig, 'Can Market Regulation Keep Pace with Technology?'  In it she expresses her concerns about the speed of technological change in the finance industry.  She quotes the CEO of Interactive Brokers, Thomas Peterffly, who says,

What we have today is a complete mess.  Over the last 10 years, technology…


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Why does Information Technology exist?

By way of a simple example, here is the OBASHI take:


Every so often a company's CFO will phone an IT Manager because she wants to do some finance work relating to his department and she needs the manager to send her something so she can continue.


Often the work will entail dealing with some arcane accounting procedure that only a qualified professional can understand.  The same sort of thing often happens with company lawyers.  The workings of their world are…


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