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Zombies, dataflows and the CxO career apocalypse

Zombies and oil refineries really don’t mix well.


So it was with some alarm that I awoke abruptly last Sunday morning and heard nearby the chuckling voice of my teenage daughter, “Dad....dad....there’s a zombie massacre down at Ineos...can we go and watch?”


My first thought was that my old boss must have let Health & Safety slip a little, and that his job might be at stake.  Then I remembered Brad Pitt was in the district, filming “World War Z” close to…


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Somebody asked the other day what the difference was between OBASHI and UML. Here’s our answer.


While OBASHI wasn’t created to compete with UML there are areas where the two methods overlap, and in these areas it’s interesting to explore the different emphasis of the two methods, in capturing and portraying information.


First, a bit of background on ‘Unified Modeling Language’ (UML).


UML is usually adopted by technical IT professionals,…


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