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Connect Four, connect 6, connect silos

During our childhood my brothers and I fought many a battle, in more ways than one, over board games.  In those pre-Space Invader days we played all kinds, and we each had our favourites.  One of us loved Monopoly, while my other brother was a Treasure of the Pharoahs fanatic.


But sometimes the simple things are the…


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Process industries, the finance industry and OBASHI

Process industries, like Oil & Gas and nuclear, have for many years been using information technology to create clarity about how the business works, to optimise performance and to minimise risk.


In control rooms all around the world the flow of product is represented by the flow of data. This is possible because every component that supports the flow of product has a digital sensor attributed to it.  And the industry knows exactly how all the pieces are put together to…


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