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Double-dipping and dataflows

During the last few months here at OBASHI we’ve highlighted many data flow problems that are all too common in the finance sector.


And in modern banking, a data flow problem = a money problem = a business problem. 


Today, Daragh O Brien points to another data flow problem in finance – word has reached him that Bank of Ireland has been ‘double-dipping laser card transactions on…


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Don't ask what data can do for you, ask what data can do for others

Yet another piece of common sense and good business practice from Jim Harris at OCDQ in his Talking About Data video. 


Jim is dead right; the majority of business people view data as just another asset or resource that helps them improve performance, gain advantage or make more money….. and rightly so - they want to know what’s in it for them.

This communication gap between…


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OBASHI – the long and winding road of software development

I often daydream about the day a Hollywood executive approaches me to make a movie about the global phenomenon that OBASHI has become, and I always envisage a “Star Wars – esque” introduction:  "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...."


The reality though is slightly less romantic. OBASHI was born in the Scottish Oil & Gas Industry about 11 years ago (although my wife assures me it seems longer......much longer.)


My colleague Paul Wallis and I met at…


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