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OBASHI – Future thinking about business and IT

This week marks the first anniversary of OBASHI Think, so its a good excuse for a recap – and to highlight what we think are some of our key posts!


A quick birthday reminder - OBASHI is a “new standard” way of thinking about how a business works and is available as a methodology, a professional accreditation and software.


With OBASHI you see the business in only two views:  Business and IT…


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Clarity in government IT projects

It’s a bad sign for the IT industry when the leader of a country is answering questions in its parliament about an IT project.


Following the publication of a scathing report by the Public Accounts Committee of MPs (PAC), UK Prime Minister David Cameron told the House of Commons he was “very concerned” about the outcome of world’s biggest civil IT project, the…


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OBASHI likes

This is the first in an occasional series of “OBASHI Likes” posts, where we highlight the thoughts of others who have recently made us think about aspects of business and IT from an interesting perspective.


We may agree with all, some, or occasionally none of what each writer says, but whichever is the case, we think their ideas are worth thinking about.


In alphabetical order:



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