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Are MIT and McKinsey asking the right question about IT?

Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson of MIT have collaborated with McKinsey to produce a report on “the broad question of what makes a company ‘good at IT?’”


The research combined data from three sources: a survey of IT management practices at publicly-traded U.S. companies; annual reports from these companies; and a "composite measure of how much IT each company had."




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Dodd-Frank, data flows and compliance

Mark Brunelli reports that some financial institutions may be heading for a ’data management mess’ unless they soon get ready to implement the provisions of the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.


The main objective of the Act is to avert a repeat of the 2008 financial crisis by making financial…


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When data doesn’t flow...we have a problem

Most of us, as businesses and as individuals, rely to a great extent on flows of data.


So when we are unable to access and use our data we have a problem.


Amazon and Sony are two huge companies with massive resources, yet but both have just suffered major data flow issues that impacted people and businesses around the planet.


For over a week 77 million Playstation Network users have been unable to zap the bad guys, play music or watch videos…


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Double-dipping and dataflows

During the last few months here at OBASHI we’ve highlighted many data flow problems that are all too common in the finance sector.


And in modern banking, a data flow problem = a money problem = a business problem. 


Today, Daragh O Brien points to another data flow problem in finance – word has reached him that Bank of Ireland has been ‘double-dipping laser card transactions on…


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Don't ask what data can do for you, ask what data can do for others

Yet another piece of common sense and good business practice from Jim Harris at OCDQ in his Talking About Data video. 


Jim is dead right; the majority of business people view data as just another asset or resource that helps them improve performance, gain advantage or make more money….. and rightly so - they want to know what’s in it for them.

This communication gap between…


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OBASHI – the long and winding road of software development

I often daydream about the day a Hollywood executive approaches me to make a movie about the global phenomenon that OBASHI has become, and I always envisage a “Star Wars – esque” introduction:  "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...."


The reality though is slightly less romantic. OBASHI was born in the Scottish Oil & Gas Industry about 11 years ago (although my wife assures me it seems longer......much longer.)


My colleague Paul Wallis and I met at…


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An interview about OBASHI and data quality

Recently I conducted an interview with Dylan Jones, editor of the Data Quality Pro Journal, about OBASHI and data quality.


The full interview can be read on the Data Quality Pro website, but below are a few brief extracts about our methodology and software:


Data Quality Pro: How can OBASHI benefit organisations who are aiming…


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Connect Four, connect 6, connect silos

During our childhood my brothers and I fought many a battle, in more ways than one, over board games.  In those pre-Space Invader days we played all kinds, and we each had our favourites.  One of us loved Monopoly, while my other brother was a Treasure of the Pharoahs fanatic.


But sometimes the simple things are the…


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Process industries, the finance industry and OBASHI

Process industries, like Oil & Gas and nuclear, have for many years been using information technology to create clarity about how the business works, to optimise performance and to minimise risk.


In control rooms all around the world the flow of product is represented by the flow of data. This is possible because every component that supports the flow of product has a digital sensor attributed to it.  And the industry knows exactly how all the pieces are put together to…


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Diamonds and business clarity

The other day, without being too obvious, I was trying to discover what my wife wanted for Christmas.


I didn't have much success.  Whenever I introduced clothing or perfume or book titles into our conversation she got distracted.

"Do you think 'Diamonds are Forever' will be on TV again during the holidays?",…


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Wikileaks and flows of data

The flow of traffic along Scotland's busiest motorway, the M8, ground to halt this week as exceptionally harsh winter conditions caught many drivers, and some transport authorities, unprepared. Peoples day-to-day lives have been severely disrupted and businesses have lost trade and money.

Yesterday I was stuck in a minor traffic jam which formed when cars were diverted from the M8 to nearby minor roads. As we…


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Making it as easy as possible to model your business

The flow of water into my house was interrupted the other day. One of the water pipes decided it had had enough of what is the coldest start to the UK winter in decades. Luckily, the burst happened outside rather than inside the house, so there wasn't too much damage.

But it meant an unscheduled trip to a nearby supermarket, which I hadn't used before. After filling my basket with a few bits and pieces, I approached one of the self-checkout machines and began scanning…


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Understanding data flow in the supply chain

Oracle recently published a market report, The Fragmented Supply Chain (pdf), which examines how well British businesses are "able to communicate information across the supply chains, as well as within their own companies."

The independently researched report interviewed 100 supply chain executives from UK companies with more than 250…


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How OBASHI helps Enterprise Architects

OBASHI is not Enterprise Architecture (EA) - but it will be used by Enterprise Architects. We actually think that every EA project would benefit from using the OBASHI methodology and software. Here's why.

There are three main camps in Enterprise Architecture:

  • Static Models like, for example, Zachman
  • Dynamic Models like, for example, TOGAF
  • Hybrid…

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Data flow error causes £117 million loss

TUI Travel is the world’s leading leisure travel company. It owns over 200 brands and has 30, 000,000 customers around the globe.

Based in the UK it was formed in 2007 by the merger…


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"Fibre tapping" and flows of data

During late 2005 Russia’s state-owned gas company, Gazprom, threatened the Ukraine with an embargo of fuel exports.

The dispute arose because the Russians claimed the Ukraine was involved in “unsanctioned removal of gas” from a pipeline thousands of miles long.… Continue

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How OBASHI can help with P3O

Appendix A of The OBASHI Methodology “How OBASHI fits with P3O”, explains how OBASHI can help you with the Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices …


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How OBASHI can help with MSP

Appendix B of The OBASHI Methodology,“How OBASHI fits with MSP”, explains how OBASHI can help you with the Managing Successful Programmes process. Below are some excerpts from…


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IT Editors on the importance of understanding data

It’s great to see the importance of understanding how the enterprise uses data gaining greater prominence among the wider IT community. Robert Goodwins, Editor of ZDNet, and Steve Ranger, Editor of Silicon discuss “The future of data and how to get ready for it” in the short…


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A conference talk about OBASHI

Earlier this week I presented at the “Data Management Knowledge Exchange” of The Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain.

The event was a two-day international forum sponsored by Schlumberger featuring, interactive workshops, ‘lessons learnt’ etc., about data use and management in the…


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