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How OBASHI helps different roles in the business

When we discuss OBASHI with companies we visit we are often asked, “OK...it SOUNDS good but how does OBASHI help ME? What does it do for someone with my responsibilities?”

On that basis we thought it made sense to devote a page in the manual to listing some of the questions that OBASHI can help you with depending on your role, in the organisation.

Here are just some examples, one for each role:

Chief Executive Officer How does my business work?
Chief Financial Officer How can I value the contribution IT makes to my business?
Chief Information Officer Exactly how does data flow around my business?
Director (sales, ops, etc) What would change look like?
Head of Strategy What are the strategic risks to achieving my strategy?
Portfolio Manager Where do different programmes interact?
Business Analyst How do I know what other processes, departments or systems are impacted by the changes that I am proposing?
Infrastructure Manager If I consider replacing any infrastructure hardware or software, how can I see what is impacted?
Programme Manager What dependencies does my programme have on other programmes and vice versa?

I know it’s a blatant plug but there are loads more in the manual, buy it here

C’mon......you can’t blame me for trying.

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