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This is the fourth in an occasional series of “OBASHI likes” posts, where we highlight the ideas of others who have recently made us think about aspects of business and IT from an interesting perspective.


We may agree with all, some, or occasionally none of what each writer says, but whichever is the case, their ideas are thought provoking.


Big Data: It's Not How Big It Is, It's How You Use It [@jobsworth]

Although JP Rangaswami is enthusiastic about ‘Big Data’, he has a sense of unease about achieving desired outcomes, because if issues surrounding quality, reliability, decision-making and cultural change.


Customer 2.0 Strikes [@nickmalik]

Nick Malik warns companies that social media has given customers ‘the power of the community’.  Businesses that don’t understand that fact, risk being left behind.


Data Governance Frameworks are like Jigsaw Puzzles [@ocdqblog]

Jim Harris points out that data governance requires the coordination of a complex combination of a myriad of factors – and each organisation will have its own ‘puzzle’ to solve.


Design thinking: A new approach to fight complexity and failure [@mkrigsman]

Design thinking offers an alternative to the rigidity of traditional project management and can help drive successful projects, argues Chirag Mehta, guest on Mike Krigsman’s blog


Enterprise IT Buyers: Don't Listen to Financial Analysts [@fscavo]

Financial analysts do not have the depth of understanding that good IT industry analysts do, argues Frank Scavo. IY buyers shouls understand that their objectives and successes are not always aligned with the immediate interests of investors.


That's all for the fourth edition.


If you find a blog or article that is particularly thought-provoking, drop us a line and we'll include it in the next instalment of "OBASHI likes".


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