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When data doesn’t flow...we have a problem

Most of us, as businesses and as individuals, rely to a great extent on flows of data.


So when we are unable to access and use our data we have a problem.


Amazon and Sony are two huge companies with massive resources, yet but both have just suffered major data flow issues that impacted people and businesses around the planet.


For over a week 77 million Playstation Network users have been unable to zap the bad guys, play music or watch videos after Sony was forced to stop flows of data after a security breach.   The company took this drastic action after user data flowed into the hands of the hackers who successfully attacked the security of the company’s IT systems.  Sony is now offering free-usage compensation, although full service is not yet restored.


Meanwhile Amazon Web Services recently stopped working for a few days after a technical upgrade went wrong, overloading some of its servers and causing dataflow to stop.  The outage brought down many websites that run atop the service, including Quora, Sencha, Reddit, and FourSquare.  A small of amount of data will not be fully recoverable, the company has announced.


These two business giants have joined many of the world’s other large companies in suffering serious data flow interruptions.  And it remains to be seen if either Amazon or Sony was negligent with regard to these dataflow issues.


But sooner or later a large corporation is going to find itself on receiving end of a very expensive lawsuit when businesses seek compensation for problems caused by negligent data flow interruption.


If MegaCorp negligently cut-off the flow of water to a juice-making company for days, the latter would sue.


If BigCorp negligently cut-off the flow of electricity to a widget manufacturer for days, the latter would sue.


Why should interruptions to flows of data be treated any differently?


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